MBI 450/750 – Synthetic Biology (20S)


Offered in spring 2020, Topics in Synthetic Biology discusses the principle of synthetic biology and the cutting-edge research in the field. Topics include molecular machinery, genome editing and engineering, synthetic pathway design and optimization, genetic circuit, microbial consortia, and so forth. Please email Dr. Wang for any questions if you are interested in taking the course.

MBI 201 – General Microbiology (19F)

MBI 201.jpeg

General Microbiology introduces a broad aspect of knowledge on microbial physiology, genetics, metabolism, and diversity. This course also briefly touches current development on synthetic biology. 


BIO 116 – Biological Concepts (19S)

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Biological Concepts introduces biological principles common to microbes, plants, and animals, including interactions between organism and environment. Subjects include structure, function, cell and molecular biology.